Software for Clinical Research

Get a tailor made software for database management and realtime analytics of your clinical research

We design software
to boost productivity
of your research

Now get a single platform to optimize, manage, and track all of your research. We develop software with tailor-made features for seamless data collection and analysis.

Digitize records

Digitize all records and save the effort to maintain, locate, and update the data

Auto classify data

Classify the data based on your case definitions

Reverse mapping

Easily reverse map the data entered based on findings in analytics

Approval stages

Put approval points at different stages for better quality

Better compliance

Validation at each stage will automatically make the data more clean

Realtime analytics

Get real time analytics of your data with graphical representation

Automate research.
Reduce chaos.
Keep it smart with a unified Digital Workplace

What happens to the people?

It’s not about taking people out of the process, but getting them back to doing what they are good at.

Implementation of a software will help your team be more effective, compliant and provide a valuable opportunity for core research functions, such as ongoing planning & process improvement.

They will be able to move away from manual processes and simplify key areas like data approval, classification and analytics.

Software developed by us are more addictive than coffee!
Digitize your research

Hospitals & Research Institutes using our software

India’s best hospitals and research institutes are using tailor made software developed by us for their medical surveillance and research


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